Chad Remembers Luke Perry

Former 90210 star, Luke Perry has passed away today at the age of 52. Perry suffered a massive stroke last week at his home near Los Angles. This news was surprising and caused me to pause for a moment. I am 43 years-old, I value life, and realize that our time on this planet is precious. I grew up watching Perry on 90210 like many of you did, but I was fortunate enough to interview him back in 2012 before the debut of a movie he was starring in on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

I share this with you because Perry ended up being one of the most enjoyable interviews I have ever been a part of during my time on radio. I thought he was engaging and he did a great job of explaining why he looks back at his opportunities with thanks. I knew he could be a tough interview going in, but I spent a lot of time researching and was fully prepared.

Listen here:

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