What The Heck Is A Popliteus Muscle?

What is a popliteus muscle? Honestly, I had no idea what it was until Woj sent out his tweet yesterday and I googled it. I'm guessing CJ had no idea what a popiletus was or that he had one until the MRI on Sunday.

All that matters is the Blazers dodged a major bullet and CJ is going to be ok and most likely back in action come playoff time. He is scheduled to be re-examined in one week as he begins the process of therapy to get his strained popliteus muscle back in working order. All I care about at this point of the season is McCollum's health. Home court advantage means nothing if you don't have CJ.

On my latest episode of the "What's Chad Doing" podcast, I celebrate the incredible news on McCollum's knee and give you some very good insight to the popliteus muscle and the importance of it's function.

Bottom line- This is great news for Rip City.

Listen here-

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