Travis and Drew vs Chad and Tanner - NFL Football Throwdown

Travis and Chad have teamed up with Tanner and Drew from 105.9 The Brew for an NFL Showdown for the entire football season. Chad and Tanner vs Travis and Drew. The plan is simple, each team picks one NFL game against the spread and we will chart the winners on this blog week by week. When the season is over, the losers will have a price to pay. Punishment TBD.

Week 1 Picks:

Tanner and Chad- New York Giants +3 vs Denver Broncos - Broncos 27 Giants 13 (Loss)

Travis and Drew- Seattle Seahawks -3 at Indianapolis Colts - Seahawks 28 Colts 16 (Win)

Standings after Week 1

Travis and Drew 1-0

Tanner and Chad 0-1

Week 2 Picks:

Tanner and Chad- San Francisco 49ers -3 at Philadelphia Eagles - 49ers 17 Eagles 11 (Win)

Travis and Drew- Buffalo Bills -3 at Miami Dolphins - Bills 35 Dolphins 0 (Win)

Standings after Week 2

Travis and Drew 2-0

Tanner and Chad 1-0

Week 2 on-air discussion- Listen Here:

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