20-year-old Jordan Adams, of Keizer, hiked from Yeon State Park in the Columbia River Gorge west of Bonneville Dam on Thursday. She went to Munra Point and then turned around. She didn't realize how long it would take her to return. Jordan thought she would be able to make it to the top and jog back down the trail and would still be off the trail before dark. On the way down she thought she was on the right path and ran until she was too tired to continue. Jordan thought she was still on a trail but wasn't sure if it was still the right one and where she was at. It was getting dark out and she called 911 as she could not continue any further. Jordan did not expect to be out after dark so she was not carrying any emergency supplies with her such as a flashlight, fire starter or extra clothes. After talking with the deputies she assisted searchers in locating her quickly by remaining in the same area, staying between a couple of trees to help block the wind. When search and rescue teams found her, she was cold and a little sore but uninjured. Search and Rescue teams escorted her down off the trail. Jordan said this was her first time hiking on trails in the Columbia Gorge and was unfamiliar with the area but she was carrying a trail map and thought she had been going the down the right trails. Jordan said she also normally hikes with someone else but just wanted to go on a quick hike.